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Óbidos, charming medieval village

Óbidos: the charming medieval village

Have you ever heard about Óbidos? A charming fortified town that allows you to have a brief look at the medieval times in Portugal and taste the famous, local liqueur – “Ginja de Óbidos”! Óbidos is specially known for its magic medieval castle that was built between the 12th and the 14th centuries. This lovely […]

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Bacalhôa Buddha Eden | A beautiful place to visit in the west of Portugal

Visit it with us!

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Óbidos Óbidos is a medieval village where visitors can remember many centuries of history, its old houses, churches or the wall that surrounds it. No trip to Óbidos is complete without tasting the cherry liqueur called Ginja de Óbidos in one of town’s small bars. You will find a well preserved castle within the wall […]

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