Monsanto village in Portugal

Portugal’s best hidden gems

From lovely cities and small towns to picturesque countryside and coastline: Portugal is definitely a beautiful country with a lot to offer! While well-known locations like Lisbon and Porto are undoubtedly worthwhile tours, there are also many undiscovered gems just waiting for your visit.
If you would like to get a true sense of the culture and history of Portugal, our local guides will lead you in the right direction. But first, let us showcase some of Portugal’s best kept secrets in this blog article.


Monsanto: A magnificent medieval village that appears to have been formed directly out of the rocks, is hidden in the highlands of central Portugal. It seems like a trip back in time with its small alleys, classic residences, and historic castle. The ruins of the Castle of Monsanto can be visited for free, fun to explore, and provide fantastic views.


Serra da Estrela: This impressive mountain range in the center of Portugal is the highest point on the mainland and is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the country. You may explore the mountain routes, discover the regional flora and wildlife, and enjoy the beautiful views from the peak with a local tour guide. Additionally, you can go to nearby cheese factories to sample the delectable Serra da Estrela cheese, which is a must-try for foodies!

Alentejo: This area of Portugal is a hidden gem for people who enjoy visiting quaint towns and villages. Our tour guides may lead you through the charming places of Évora, the region’s capital, which has spectacular medieval cathedrals and Roman-era remains. Additionally, you can walk through the whitewashed homes in Monsaraz, a fortified community that looks out over the Guadiana River.

Portugal is a country full with undiscovered treasures that are just waiting to be discovered. From medieval villages to breathtaking natural landscapes, you will have it all. So on your next vacation, why not reserve a tour with a local guide and discover Portugal’s undiscovered gems?
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