Lisbon's Graça funicular

Discover Lisbon’s Miradouro da Graça with the latest Funicular!

The brand-new Graça Funicular in Lisbon is now open to the public after 15 years of work! You may now take in one of the best views of Lisbon from a more convenient and unique perspective thanks to the funicular that runs between the neighborhoods of Miradouro da Graça and Mouraria, or more specifically, Rua […]

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Pastel de Nata: the world’s 2023 best pastry!

Portugal, a country well-known for its many culinary traditions, is home to the delicious Pastel de Nata, one of its many sweets that has won over the tastes and hearts of both locals and tourists from across the world! According to TasteAtlas, Portugal has not one, but two of the best desserts and pastries in […]

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Porto, Portugal

Autumn in Portugal: 3 Unmissable destinations

Autumn in Portugal: 3 Unmissable destinations Autumn in Portugal discloses as a delightful season with warm, amber tones and golden landscapes! Even though it’s typically warm during the day, the evenings bring, sometimes, a freshing breeze. The portuguese landscape has something to offer everyone, regardless of whether you enjoy exploring Portuguese wineries, shopping for souvenirs, […]

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Monsanto village in Portugal

Portugal’s best hidden gems

From lovely cities and small towns to picturesque countryside and coastline: Portugal is definitely a beautiful country with a lot to offer! While well-known locations like Lisbon and Porto are undoubtedly worthwhile tours, there are also many undiscovered gems just waiting for your visit. If you would like to get a true sense of the […]

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Castelo de São Jorge em Lisboa

4 Castles not to miss in Portugal

Portugal has more than 400 castles and fortifications that already have construction marks from the middle of the V century. A land of many wars, with Spanish, Moors, French, and even other older tribes, it has a rich history of fortifications that allow Portugal to be one of the oldest countries in the world. The […]

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Beach in Portugal

3 places to visit in Portugal in 2023

From stunning beaches and cosmopolitan cities to several cultural villages, Portugal has a lot to offer! Situated in the corner of Western Europe, this country is a so-called tourist paradise for those who love history, flavorful gastronomy, and pleasant weather! All of this comes at an affordable price for your trip.   1 – Lisbon […]

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5 best attractions to visit in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city full of life with so many beautiful places to visit and spend a good time during your vacation. From must-see monuments, interesting museums, and eye-catching streets, you can’t miss a thing while visiting the capital of Portugal! Considered one of the greatest cities in the world by many, Lisbon is the […]

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Portugal's coastline with its beautiful beaches

Explore Portugal’s coastline

Portugal’s coastline, with more than 850 kms long and white sandy beaches, has been a point of attraction to many of us locals and beyond since the early years. With 3000 hours of sun and the oldest borders in Europe, Portugal is the perfect vacation destination during all year long! From North Viana do Castelo […]

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Óbidos, charming medieval village

Óbidos: the charming medieval village

Have you ever heard about Óbidos? A charming fortified town that allows you to have a brief look at the medieval times in Portugal and taste the famous, local liqueur – “Ginja de Óbidos”! Óbidos is specially known for its magic medieval castle that was built between the 12th and the 14th centuries. This lovely […]

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Popular Saints festivities: image

Popular Saints: Traditional festivities across Portugal

The traditional festivities of the Popular Saints – in Portuguese, Santos Populares – are finally back in town! The month of June is largely known as the festivities’ month due to its most famous Saints: Santo António in Lisbon on June 13th, and São João in Porto on June 24th. These two days are marked […]

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