Portugal's coastline with its beautiful beaches

Explore Portugal’s coastline

Portugal’s coastline, with more than 850 kms long and white sandy beaches, has been a point of attraction to many of us locals and beyond since the early years. With 3000 hours of sun and the oldest borders in Europe, Portugal is the perfect vacation destination during all year long!

From North Viana do Castelo until south with Algarve coastline, you can enjoy some of the best beaches, a lot of culture and nature on the wildest state. Sagres, in Algarve, marks the southwestern extremity of the European continent. This village is situated on the Vicentina Coast and is visited for both locals and foreigners from all corners of the world. And still talking about Algarve, this region of Portugal brings us the best beaches of the country. Here you will find warmer waters and 200 km of beach lines with several choices of services from restaurants, local parties to eye-catching resorts. If you enjoy water sports, the beaches of Algarve might be a good option as well due to the quiet sea.

Going down the coast and reaching the capital Lisbon, it’s also possible to get a tan or sea bathing without going far way from the city. The beaches of Costa da Caparica are particularly known for the locals, as well as the Cascais coastline. For surf lovers, we recommend the Ericeira or Peniche beaches that offer great waves for this sport.

If you fancy a personalized tour, you can also visit Lisbon with us, and other important areas like Porto, the north capital of Portugal, or Sagres the place of departure of our discoveries on the fourteen center. Near Lisbon, it’s also possible to visit the wonderful village of Sintra, and it’s enchanted palaces, several forests and estuaries that shape earth like no other place.

The best way to see the coast of Portugal is with a tailor-made guided tour! Talk to us to plan the next adventure.

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