Destinations for the best golfing holiday

The Algarve, Portugal


Mention the word Algarve and golfing will jump to the forefront of your mind. It is a hugely popular golfing destination. It is definitely considered to be a front runner of all the golfing destinations available in Europe. It is home to world class courses created by the likes of Sir Henry Cotton, Joseph Lee and Jack Nicklaus. It is of little wonder then, that international golfing competitions are held in the country.

Vilamoura is often regarded as the best golfing town in the Algarve with Penina to the West and Monte Rei to the east. Either way, you a spoilt for choice by the sheer number of resorts in the area but my personal favourite is the award winning five star Penina Hotel & Golf Resort where you’ll find over 360 acres of beautiful grasslands. The local towns are are captivating and the climate is enviable. The luxurious resorts offer comfy accommodation, mouth-watering food and everything from the best spas to the best gyms.



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