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Pastel de Nata: the world’s 2023 best pastry!

Portugal, a country well-known for its many culinary traditions, is home to the delicious Pastel de Nata, one of its many sweets that has won over the tastes and hearts of both locals and tourists from across the world! According to TasteAtlas, Portugal has not one, but two of the best desserts and pastries in […]

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Douro Valley: a wine tasting must-go

If wine tasting is your middle name, then this blog post is certainly for you! Besides being a wonderful place for its landscapes, the north region of Portugal is also very much known for its wine and vineyards. It is on the slopes of this region that the Port wine, one of Portugal’s biggest flagships […]

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Tour with Pastel de Nata

Pastel de Nata: Have you ever tasted this typical sweet?

Whether you are a travel addicted or a food lover, you should definitely try this typical Portuguese sweet: Pastel de Nata. One of the Portuguese food temptations that tourists and locals travellers can’t really miss when coming to Portugal. You can find these sweets in several places around Lisbon and even across the whole country. […]

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